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Dutch Culture in the Golden Age [J. L. Price] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The seventeenth century is considered the Dutch Golden.
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Amsterdam: capital of the Golden Age -

What motive had a Dutch painter in painting a picture? And notice that he is never asked for one. Literary, archival, and historical perspectives have become essential components of art historical analyses; a multiplicity of methodologies expands our understanding of these mute images.

As Alison Kettering points out, however, images of soldiers painted for the open market present a rather different picture: guardroom scenes of the s and s characterize soldiers as living a debauched and marginal existence, while after mid-century, gentlemanly officers turn up in fashionable and feminized interiors.

Examining images of labor in sixteenth-century prints, Ilja Veldman takes on the topos of Dutch industry and frugality as the source of its prosperity, and determines that increased urbanism mixed with humanistic ideals was a more significant factor than Protestantism in promoting this ethic. Nanette Solomon presents a provocative and compelling argument for rethinking the range of social interactions depicted in bordello scenes from the late sixteenth century, and suggests more positive connotations for the depiction of women in these images.

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Dutch Golden Age: Crash Course European History #15

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Humour in Dutch Culture of the Golden Age

University of California Press , - History - pages. Drawing on a vast array of period documents and sumptuously reproduced art, Schama re-creates in precise detail a nation's mental state.

He tells of bloody uprisings and beached whales, of the cult of hygiene and the plague of tobacco, of thrifty housewives and profligate tulip-speculators. He tells us how the Dutch celebrated themselves and how they were slandered by their enemies.

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  • A review of "Humour in Dutch Culture of the Golden Age." by Rudolf M. Dekker.

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Stygian fires and aqua fortis. Temptations and terrors.


Simon Schama Snippet view - The embarrassment of riches: an interpretation of Dutch culture in the Bibliographic information.