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The Aesthetic Difference: Floating vs. Conventional

So you can be assured should you choose a mono stringer floating stair that your stair will withstand use and be long-lasting. The most determining factors for cost is the quality and customization of the engineering. A floating staircase is an architectural showpiece and is perfect for a minimalistic, open-air environment with a contemporary style. The spacious look is applicable in various settings both outdoor and indoor. Floating stairs are not spacing restrictive because they can be designed in a limitless number of ways.

Modular Stair Kits

By giving an open-air feel and allow much more light into your space they are wonderful to incorporate into rooms with large windows or openings inviting sunlight to permeate more of your overall living space. A traditional staircase can block the view to the other side and visually closes the space from one room to another.

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If you desire to add more space to your floor plan you can remove a wall and traditional stair and incorporate the floating stair just about anywhere. The added space allows for extra storage or a place for additional furniture or artwork because floating stairs do not require the support of a near wall or any added form of support underneath.

Floating Staircase Cost & Design Ideas

The options for the design of your floating stairs is greater than a traditional staircase allowing you to choose glass floating stairs, wood floating stairs or metal floating stairs to name a few. You can also configure your stair to have several flights separated by landing platforms. The platforms can also allow for the various number of directions for each flight.

Since you can choose the direction for each flight to run or rise a well-engineered floating staircase can fit into the tightest of spaces even ones with unusual dimensions. Floating stairs are versatile and can be an expression of your own unique taste and creativity.

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Incorporating them into your home design offers a complement to the atmosphere and a grand look and great way to impress your guests. Take a look at this contemporary floating staircase with glass and with wood steps and an added bonus of a slide to the lower level for the children!

Want to see more of this project? Welding distorts the metal, causing a scar on the metal where the two parts are joined together.

Floating Stairs for Residential and Commercial Projects

Flow-drilling or friction drilling eliminates the weld entirely. We use a flow drill to create a long hole in the metal. The metal bends downward, creating a circular tube. We change out the drill bit, then repeat the process to add threads to the circular tube so that a bolt can be inserted. Flow drilling also creates a rim around the top of this circular tube, where the bolt rests. A bolted stair mono stringer is also easier to ship, because instead of shipping the steel stringer with all of the welded brackets, we can ship the mono stringer and brackets separately, and the customer can easily bolt them together at home or on the job site.

Sporting an open, minimalist look, the straight staircase is very appealing for modern homes. You can use a single mono stringer, double stringer, or even a side stringer to install this configuration.

Floating staircase UK, glass stairs -

Rejecting the idea of a steel stringer altogether, the floating cantilever staircase has treads that are fixed only at one end. The other end either floats free, or is secured to glass rail or posts to hold up the handrail.

Interesting Floating Staircase Designs

This is another popular choice among trendy remodels. The cantilever stair can run into some real problems when it comes to code compliance. Done properly, it can be a beautiful statement — but we recommend always checking your local code regulation before installing something like this in your home.

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  4. The spiral staircase has long been a classic in the design world — and the spiral floating stair is frequently seen in small spaces, such as a studio apartment. This staircase design keeps the home open and light, while the spiral configuration allows it to stay compact. There is occasionally some confusion regarding the difference between a curved staircase and a spiral staircase.